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Reusch Attrakt Freegel Silver

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 REUSCH GRIP SILVER foam palm. This very soft, high-volume latex offers 
great grip and outstanding cushioning against hard shots. Thanks to 
its significantly increased volume and softness this latex guarantees 
outstanding impact absorption and grip.
 EVOLUTION NEGATIVE CUT™ Negatively-stitched version of the Evolution 
Cut. The latex is seamlessly rolled around the fingertips for a tight fit, best 
ball control and maximized latex-to-ball contact area.
 FREEGEL™ Our new Freegel™ punching zone made of silicone-like 
material makes the backhand highly flexible without reducing stability or 
control. This new design has single non-connected elements of Freegel™, 
allowing better flexibility across the backhand.
 PRESHAPED CONSTRUCTION The anatomical shape of the glove and the 
slightly spread fingers enhance the glove’s wearing comfort and support a 
natural catching position.
 AIRVENTSYSTEM™ keeps the goalkeeper’s hands cool and breathable with 
mesh material thereby providing optimal air circulation.
 3D THUMB CROTCH™ offers rolled crotch construction eliminating open 
seams which tear more easily along with an ergonomic fit and maximum 
 FULL WRIST STRAP with textile window.

Reusch Attrakt Freegel Silver
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