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Reusch Fusion Ortho Tec

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 FUSION FOAM  Our Fusion foam is foam sprinkled with hard ground and soft ground 
foam for greater grip and durability. The first-choice latex of Lloris provides 
unmatched grip and high abrasion resistance for all weather conditions and pitch 
 ORTHO-TEC® Advanced Protection System Newly engineered and designed protection 
for backhand, finger, and thumb protection. This ergonomic-shaped Ortho-Tec® spine 
allows natural movements before the fingers are pushed back into the injury zone. 
Free-floating protection spines can be removed for a custom fit.
 EVOLUTION NEGATIVE CUT The latex is rolled around the fingertips for a tight fit, the 
best ball control, and maximized contact area. An inner-seam construction in the 
lower fingers offers a tight, soft, flexible, and ergonomic fit.
 STRETCHABLE NEOPRENE ENTRY POCKET Allows for quick, easy removal of Ortho
Tec® stays. Eliminates rigid zippers on the backhand of the glove.
 FREEGEL™ Our Freegel™ punching zone made of silicone-like material makes the 
backhand highly flexible without reducing stability or control. This new design has 
single non-connected elements of Freegel™, allowing better flexibility across the 
 PRESHAPED CONSTRUCTION The anatomical shape of the glove and the slightly spread 
 ingers enhance the glove’s wearing comfort and support a natural catching position.
 AIRVENTSYSTEM™ keeps the goalkeepers’ hands cool and breathable.
 ERGONOMIC EXTRA PALM EMBOSSING Embossing that follows the natural lines of the 
hand for optimal glove flexibility.
 DURAGUARD™ Latex palm patch on the lower palm offers extra abrasion resistance.
 3D THUMB CROTCH™ offers rolled crotch construction eliminating open seams which 
tear more easily along with an ergonomic fit and maximum comfort.
 STEADY CUFF In order to stabilize the wrist, provide the highest possible wearing 
comfort, and create a smooth look, we extended the neoprene backhand all the way to 
the opening and merged it with a highly elastic textile on the inner wrist side.
 NEOPRENE STRAP  With rubber ender. Allows very precise fastening.
 BACKHAND SIDE WRAP™ extends backhand material around side of the palm for extra 
catching surface.
 ROLLED THUMB™ The palm latex is extended around the inner side of the thumb. 

Reusch Fusion Ortho Tec
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